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Our Services

Simply stated, we treat our customers and our employees like family. That’s our difference. You want timely, reliable service from someone who really cares about your satisfaction and who has pride in their work. With Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services, that’s precisely what you’ll get. Some of the benefits of choosing Cutting Edge include:

  • Commercial & Residential; Interior & Exterior
  • Customized cleaning programs
  • Fully licensed, insured, and bonded professionals
  • A growing national reputation
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

We are genuinely pleased to offer the most professional and consistent service in the industry to our clients. Our cleaners have the pride of ownership, and that pride reflects in our work. Every time. Day in and day out.

Our services include:

Window Cleaning

We do both residential and commercial Window Cleaning. We use professional window cleaning tools, professional grade extension ladders, as well as first-class fall protection equipment.

Power Washing

Our Pressure Washing Services include:
Houses, Decks, Driveways, Sidewalks and Walkways, Gutters, Bricks, Fencing, and more.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Cutting Edge professionals are experts at removing mildew, mold, moss, algae and loose debris from your roof. After cleaning your roof we treat it to prevent any further growth.

Gutter Cleaning

Our Gutter Cleaning Services include Gutter Cleaning, Downspout Cleaning, Application of Gutter Guards, and Roof Cleaning including Moss Removal.

Christmas Lights Install & Take Down

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Carpet Cleaning

When it comes time to clean and maintain that like-new appearance of your carpets, choose an experienced, local Eugene carpet cleaning company.

Our Latest Projects