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Restore your Roof in Springfield, Oregon

Make your Roof as Clean as New

Springfield’s weather, from short and windy summers to long and wet winters, takes a toll on your roof. Neglect it for a week, and you’ll see leaves piling up on one side and dust accumulating on the other. If left unchecked for too long, a water pool might form, inviting a host of problems.

Then comes the algae, the lichens, and everything else that makes a roof not only look bad but also feel bad. Your first concern should be taking care of this den of disease and restoring it to its former self.

When it comes to your roof, trust the expertise of Springfield roof cleaning services by Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services. We don’t just clean, we restore. Our team of seasoned professionals meticulously attends to every detail, ensuring your roof stays clean, your home looks great, and your health stays safe.

These services are provided by our leading specialists, who use their 20 years of combined experience in this field to deliver the best results. So, if you want to take roof care to the next level, reach out to us.

Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services


By listening to our customers and their wants and needs, we provide window cleaning and pressure washing services like no other. We treat you and your property with the highest respect, like it was our own.

Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services


We possess the experience and skill to get the job done right and we are committed to providing our customers with the best our industry has to offer. We are active members of industry associations and forums so we can ensure tried and true results.

Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services

Peace of Mind.

We believe that our employees are an integral part of the success of our company which is why we make sure our employees are always on the top of their game. All of our employees have passed pre-employment drug screenings and criminal background checks. We also carry a $1 million general liability policy and workers compensation on each and every employee.

Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services

Guaranteed Satisfaction.

We demand excellence in everything that we do and we stand by our work. You, as the customer, are paying for results, not for a company to just go through the motions. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our residential and commercial services.

Restore Roof Springfield Oregon - Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services

Our Roofing Services by Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services

The following is the list of our roof cleaning services in Eugene that you should be aware of:

Dealing with Lichens and Moss

Don’t let the green, moist grime accumulate on your roof because standing water damages your and your house’s health. Let our experts blend pressure washing and chemical treatment solutions to remove all the grime and make your roof hygienic again.

Remove all The Moss

There is nothing abhorrent than looking at the roof and finding moss collecting on it. Left unchecked, that’s basically an invitation to mosquitoes and other disease-bringing insects that will put your family’s health at risk. Let us deal with it, both chemically and through pressure washing.

Stain Prevention

Not all stains last long, but those that do should be prevented. Therefore, we also offer Stain removal and prevention services. Our roof stain prevention services are implemented using protective chemicals and pressure washing. We treat the roof in various ways, from applying water-repellent treatments to even more permanent solutions like improved insulation.


Remove Screens

We start by removing all of the window screens from the home, at this time we will clean each screen by either wet mopping them or dry wiping them. The decision to do either is made by how dirty your screen is and what material is on them.


Clean Windows

Next, we scrub your windows with a professional window cleaning solution and squeegee the glass clean. Our cleaning solution leaves no streaks or haze and is safe for all solar film. When necessary, we will remove paint and other stubborn debris with glass scrapers.rnrnHowever, we do not remove hard water stains on windows as it requires a hazardous chemical treatment process. During the window cleaning if we encounter a window where the glass seal has failed we will let you know but we do not provide this repair service.


Squeegee Windows Dry

After using the squeegee to remove most of the moisture on the glass we finish the glass drying process by wiping the edges to remove all remaining moisture with lint free towels and wipe up any excess solution from the window frames and sills. We provide a standard window tract wipe out cleaning, and offer a detailed Window Sill u0026 Tract Detailed cleaning for an additional fee.


Reinstall Screens

Once all windows are done we reinstall your screens and replace all furniture to its original location and the job is done.rnrnNow you can sit back, relax and enjoy your sparkling windows!

Waterproofing and Roof Sealing Services

We provide waterproofing and roof sealing services to prevent water from absorbing onto the surface of your roof. Both of these services extend the life of your roof while making it more aesthetically appealing. The materials and products we use aren’t harmful, ensuring that you can enjoy the roof immediately once we are done servicing it.

Customized Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning services in Springfield aren’t one note. Don’t expect us to deliver only one type of service to you. Instead, our focus is on ensuring that your solutions are created according to your roof type. For a standard concrete roof, we apply our standard approach. However, for a tile roof, our approach is more nuanced, focusing on ensuring the integrity of your tiles during our services. Similarly, our metal roofing services in Springfield are focused on preventing any corrosion.

High-Pressure Washing Services

If dirt and grime have collected on the top of your rooftop for a very long time, you need to deal with it through strong measures. That’s where our pressure washing services step in. Through it, we will ensure that all debris that’s lying around on the roof is uprooted without any issues. And don’t worry about the damage; we ensure that the water pressure is just strong enough to deal with the grime and not damage your roof.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Get the best gutter cleaning services from our experts. They will ensure that all the debris around your roof’s gutters is removed so that any water isn’t collected on the roof but thrown down the drain. These services are thorough. We also deliver specific gutter-related services, like new components, to protect your roof’s longevity.

Restore Roof Springfield OR - Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services
Roof Springfield Oregon - Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services
Restore Roof in Springfield - Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services

Cutting Edge for Roof Cleaning in Springfield

Here are the reasons why Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services quickly became one of the most sought-after roof cleaning services providers in Springfield, Oregon.

Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services- windows cleaning service
Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services- windows cleaning service

We are Highly Professional

There is taking on a task, and then there is completing it thoroughly and guaranteeing satisfaction. We are the latter. Once we take up your tasks, we don’t leave your side until we have completed it thoroughly. We also make sure to deal with any mishaps, if any, so that nothing takes longer than it should.

We are Deadline Oriented

When we say that we will complete your tasks by a specific date, we do so completely. Our standard operative procedure has been designed to complete specific jobs at a given time and not go beyond that.

We Focus on Experience and Expertise

Even though we have 20 years of experience in roof cleaning, we are not dogmatic about our approach. We embrace new technology, ensuring that you only get the highest quality services from us.

Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services- windows cleaning service
Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services- windows cleaning service
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I’ve had a few experiences with window cleaners. With that being said Ben and Tim did a fabulous job they even blew off my deck!!! The windows are all sparkly and clean and so are the chandeliers! I could not be happier with the job they provided. I will definitely recommend them!!!! From the initial bid by Jason to the end results I couldn’t be any happier with this company thank you guys!!!!!!
Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services

Sandra W.

I’m very happy with Cutting Edge Jason and his crew! Jason came promptly and gave us a reasonable estimate. I just wish he gave us a heads up that some windows will cost more due to water mineral build up, but his pricing was reasonable. They had to return to do the water stain clean up and they were very nice enough to clean again the other just-cleaned windows when some birds pooped on it they day after being just cleaned. Fast/Good service, responsive crew, reasonable pricing — satisfied customer.
Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services

Janjan R.

Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services- services window cleaning
Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services
Cutting Edge Window Cleaning Services- window cleaner service