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Window Washing- Best In The Business

The whole purpose of a window is to protect the viewer but also to allow them to experience what is on the other side. Beautiful windows allow for beautiful views, something there is a lot of here in Oregon. Give Cutting Edge a call to add some clarity to your life and some sparkle to the sights.

A really clear window is equal parts technique and tool. Sure, you can spray some windex on and wipe it with a paper towel but a professional crew from Cutting Edge will leave your windows clearer than they’ve ever been. Once we’ve finished with our expert treatment radiant sunlight will stream into your home and the vibrant outside world will be fully visible.

We clean all designs and styles of windows. We take pleasure in storm windows as being our area of expertise. We clean both inside and outside. Cleaning of screens is always free. If you have hard to reach windows, no concern, we can clean them. We will be on schedule, uniformed and in a clearly marked truck with our logo on it.

Why Is Window Cleaning Necessary?

Routine cleaning can protect and extend the life of your windows. Windows will gather dust, dirt and other corrosive substances over time which can permanently damage the glass if left alone. Cleaning your windows will also help remove contaminants, such as: acid rain, hard minerals and mildew. Glass is porous and contaminants can etch into the surface if they aren’t removed in a timely fashion. The results are dull or distorted windows which look unattractive from the outside and yield unattractive views from the inside.

Keep in mind that if your house has more than one level you are going to spend a lot of time on a ladder cleaning your windows. To many, this can be a bit daunting so why not leave it to the professionals to navigate the ladder and equipment? We promise to get your windows sparkling again in no time.

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